Appartement aan Zee - Writsaert 130

Bed and Breakfast, Furnished apartment

Contact information

Appartement aan Zee - Writsaert 130

Writsaert 130
2202 PV Noordwijk Zh

Writsaert Model.NdtrcItem.HouseNumber
2202 PV, Noordwijk Zh

Extra Information

Sea view Yes
On the beach/sea Yes
In/near dunes Yes
Facilities (Accommodation)
Room with balcony Yes
Overnight accommodation
Double rooms 2
Sanitary facilities
Hairdryer Yes
Shaving point Yes
Private bathroom Yes
Bath 1
Shower (hot water) 1
Washing machine and dishwasher
Washing and drying facility Yes
Equestrian facility Yes
Swimming pool in/at accommodation Indoor